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Creative Production House

Welcome to Satellite Creative House, a Munich based creative production house for exceptional photo and video content. Specializing in high-quality image films, impactful product campaigns and captivating event documentation, we bring your ideas to life with precision and creativity. Join us on a journey where every frame tells a story.


Clients & Partners

Our services

Our services

Global sports content
Commercial, brand content & documentary


Transforming ideas into compelling content is our daily expertise.


At Satellite Creative House, we specialize in capturing your narrative through stunning imagery and compelling videos. Let us bring your vision to life with creativity and expertise.



Showcasing you or your product in portrait sessions, events or campaign shoots, ensuring every moment is captured authentically and creatively to leave a lasting visual impact.

Action sport video 

Placing action at the core of the narrative, capturing the athlete's personality, and crafting a compelling video.

Brand content

Engaging the audience with impactful narratives grounded in brand values, making a lasting impression.

Social content

Short-form social media videos and photos for businesses and brands, tailored for platforms like TikTok, Instagram and YouTube.

Employer branding campaigns

Elevate your employer brand with our tailored video campaigns, showcasing your culture and values to attract top talent. Stand out and make a lasting impression in the competitive market.

Event video

Recording and producing videos for all types of events, capturing the atmosphere and emotions of each occasion, be it vibrant concerts, corporate events, or inspiring conferences.


Crafting a compelling concept, ensuring advertisements don't feel like typical commercials. Our approach aims to create a unique and memorable connection with the audience.


Additional time for creating inspiring and meaningful stories, across various formats and durations.

About us

About us

Maja Eifert

Project Management & Finance
Production Manager

Christopher Streibel

Director, DP
FPV & Drone Operator

Maja Eifert ist Co-Founder der Social Media Agentur Satellite Creative House in Stuttgart. Sie ist spezialisiert auf Fotografie, Web- und Grafikdesign.Mit einem Master in Strategischen Marketing
Christopher Streibel ist Co founder der Social Media Agentur Satellite Creative House. Er ist spezialisiert auf Videoproduktion, Schnitt und Strategie für Online Marketing.
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